Line dancing on the London Bridge for a good cause

February 25, 2019

More than 450 people line danced for charity on the London Bridge Sunday afternoon during the 8th annual Line Dance on the Bridge.

Hosted by the Havasu Community Health Foundation, the line dancing event helped raise funds for the Health Foundation’s programs, which according to foundation director Linda Seaver, have grown from six to 20 different programs. Seaver said, “Without our fundraising events, we wouldn’t be able to help our community as much as we do.”

It’s the foundation’s fundraising efforts that caught the attention of Mayor Cal Sheehy who shared a proclamation with the group during the event. The proclamation, which named Feb. 24, 2019 as Line Dance on the London Bridge Day, stated, “Havasu Community Health Foundation operates as a charitable foundation of caring individuals dedicated to the better health and wellness of the Lake Havasu City community… Whereas, the annual Line Dance on the London Bridge encourages the fun cardiovascular activity of dancing…”

The proclamation also recognized Julie Cameron, someone Seaver praised as the champion of the event. Cameron, who introduced the idea to the community, single-handedly instructed the 458 registered participants on the bridge. Starting with Billy Ray Cyrus’, “Achy Breaky Heart,” followed by Pharrell Williams’ “Happy” and Pitbull’s “Fireball,” the group danced three different routines while onlookers crowded the bridge and boats stopped in the channel to take photos of the dancers.

Sunday’s event raised over $9,000, bringing the total funds raised over the eight years to nearly $52,000. These fundraising efforts play a major part in how Havasu’s community thrives. Because of Seaver, Cameron, and the hundreds of participants, the foundation can “support programs, services, and activities which enable those in our community to live longer by living smarter, “ Mayor Sheehy said.