Meteorological towers to be put up for potential wind farm

November 16, 2018

MADISON - A pair of meteorological towers will be constructed near Newman Grove after approval from the Madison County Board of Commissioners.

At the meeting Wednesday one tower was approved approximately eight miles north of Newman Grove at the intersection of 832nd Road and 526th Avenue and the other on 540th Avenue.

Josh Framel, senior manager of renewable development for Invenergy said they needed two conditional use permits to construct the towers.

“These are temporary structures that are a 1st step in evaluating the wind resources in a particular area. We have maps that we use, but they’re not always accurate so we put these towers up that have a couple layers of instruments.”

Framel said the towers will be at the potential wind farm location for a minimum of two years and gather data about wind speed, wind direction, and temperature.

Also discussed during the meeting were amendments to Wind Energy Regulations. One amendment was to change the current 50 decibel level to the nearest occupied structure to no decibel limit.

The board unanimously approved the two conditional use permits and amendments to the Wind Energy Regulations.

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