SOS: After playoff run, Brewers fan gets old cable package back

November 12, 2018

Like a lot of Brewers fans last month, Jim Staskal wanted to watch the team’s playoff games from the comfort of his living room.

For a while it seemed that minor luxury might come with a pill almost as bitter to swallow as the Brewers’ failure to make it to their first World Series in 36 years.

Staskal, 69, of Waunakee, said he called his cable company, Charter Communications, to explore the possibility of upgrading to a package that would allow him to watch the Crew.

But he was only interested, he said he made clear to the salesperson, if “I can have exactly what I had before for the same amount,” should he later decide that he didn’t want the extra channels.

Staskal was upfront with the company about his intentions, he said, and the company agreed to his terms — or so it seemed.

After the Brewers were eliminated, Staskal said he asked Charter to put him back on his old package, but was told that was not possible. To soften the blow, the company let him keep the expanded package at his old package’s price — but only to the end of the year.

When he objected, he said he got conflicting information from Charter staff about whether the salesperson should have ever agreed to allow him to revert to his old package, but in either case, he was stuck with those extra channels.

“I thought there was nowhere else to go,” he said.

So he went to SOS, which emailed Charter spokeswoman Kim Haas, and a day later Staskal said he got a call from Charter allowing him to return immediately to his old package at his old price.

Haas on Oct. 29 said Charter’s “sales and support team … resolved the issue to the customer’s satisfaction,” and on Nov. 2 that “we only discuss account specifics with customers or their authorized users.”

“Generally speaking,” she said, “packaging and pricing plans do expire, and representatives can often only transition customers into plans that are currently available.”

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