Voice of the people: Insight into how Trumpism works

November 19, 2018

Alan’s Webber’s ongoing denigration of journalists and the media is becoming a source of informative insight on how Trumpism works.

It appears Trumpism requires the knack for selectively ignoring facts such as the sexist, bigoted, meanspirtied and quite honestly dangerous lies and actions of Trumpism’s patriarch - one Donald Trump; and being ever-ready to hoist a boogeyman or two to deflect and distract from what’s really going on.

In his Nov. 5, 2018 commentary “Mainstream media primary source of incivility” Mr. Webber criticizes the media’s treatment of Donald Trump equating it to “Yellow Journalism” and “sensationalism” -- you know, that often cited Trumpian “fake news”.

So, is it “fake news” when the media reports on Donald Trump’s latest insulting tweet? When a reporter covers the latest indictment of a Trump associate? or when yet another cabinet member is investigated for corruption? Is the media trading in “yellow journalism” by reporting on Trump’s comments about “s… hole countries”? or John McCain not being a war hero because he was captured? Is it “sensationalism” when a journalist reports that people have received hush money vis-à-vis non disclosure agreements with Trump to cover an affair or one-night stand?

I think we all know the correct answer to those questions and I recognize that some simply choose to not acknowledge they do.

In his Nov. 12, 2018 commentary “Are white men last politically incorrect target?” Mr. Webber selectively uses statements by CNN anchors Don Lemon and Chris Cuomo to falsely intimate their disparagement of all white males.

Mr. Webber knows (or should know if he thoroughly watched the Oct. 29, 2018 news segment) that Lemon and Cuomo were not issuing an indictment on the white male race. The context of Lemon’s and Cuomo’s statements was that present day dangers such as attacks on churches and synagogues, pipebomb mailings, mass shootings, etc. are often being committed by radical far right-leaning white men.

Despite this ongoing fact, the president and others fail to acknowledge the perpetrators’ affiliations and instead deflect and defer to worn boogeyman tactics like fear-mongering about the hyped dangers of non-white people coming to America with intent on doing harm; or calling reputable journalists and media outlets an “enemy of the people.”

Mr. Webber concluded his Nov. 5, 2018 commentary by writing “America’s incivility toward each other will only quiet down after our media quits stirring the pot.”

I wonder if Mr. Webber has ever heard the expression, “pot, meet kettle”? Asking for a friend.

Joe Turner


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