Your Turn: Aug. 21

August 21, 2018

Press pushes backRe: “The deadly trap that is fake news,” Editorial, Thursday:Thank you for being among the 350-plus newspapers and other media outlets condemning the assault on our country’s free press. These assaults, largely by a president who swore to uphold the Constitution but seems blatantly ignorant of it, are a danger to the very core of democracy.I have been watching in alarm at the degradation of truth and the demonization of those who report it. It is heartening to see the Fourth Estate band together and push back.Kathy Bandujo, BoerneEditorial collusionYou have colluded with other editorial writers for the express purpose of fraudulently deceiving readers that there is no such thing as “fake news.” You are wrong. Your paper continuously practices writing stories that are intended to mislead what was said or not said, dependent on your political leanings, and are determined to shape your readers action/reaction.You are arrogant to a fault. You are the very ones who disregard truthful, accurate and public-watchdog journalism, and write to divide and confuse. You may have gotten away with it when you were the only game in town but now, with a touch of a few buttons, citizenry have at their disposal hundreds of reports of a news item (not social media) and can readily compare, thereby uncovering the painful truth.You should be ashamed that you cannot accept that you have been “called onto the carpet” and found at fault but rather hide behind the constitutional free press that whatever you say is for the good. Shape up! Do better, unbiased journalism. Even your instructions on sending letters state my words are subject to editing.One does not have to spend too many brain bites in wondering why you have laid off so many personnel. Today, McClatchy. Or tomorrow, the Express-News! I stopped delivery once for these reasons, but I missed the comics and sports too much, so I started again recently. However, what I want also brings me your editorial whining.Stan RoutinHeroes in mediaHey, hero! Yes, you are a hero. You and all of your colleagues who take the slings and arrows daily for the sake of informing the electorate!The free press is a constitutional guarantee, and this president has gone out of his way to impede at least the spirit of that guarantee. I applaud the Express-News for joining other publications to take a stand against such an assault. Thanks.Ken AsheFront-page news?Re: “Ex-Mayor Castro is heading for Iowa,” front page, Wednesday:This merits front-page headlines? Puhleeze, Express-News! Give us a break, for crying out loud!That “news” warrants a column at the bottom of Page A8 (right below the Drought Severity Index for Texas), not on the front page!Larry Peabody

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