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Group Lists Examples of Dangerous Toys With AM-Dangerous Toys, Bjt

November 21, 1990

WASHINGTON (AP) _ Here is a list of 21 toys named by the private U.S. Public Interest Research Group on Wednesday as posing dangers to children under age three.

The list is not intended to be comprehensive, the group says. Rather, it represents the types of hazards that can be posed by available toys.

The list:

1. Spring N’ Bounce cars. Hazard: small parts, improperly labeled. The group says the Chinese-made items were distributed by YDC of York, Pa. The company did not immediately repsond to a request form The Associated Press for comment.

2. Jeep Jr. 4x4. Hazard: detachable small part (reflector); improper labeling. Messages were left at the office and answering machine of Frank Keppler, spokesman for the San Francisco-based manufacturer, Kransco.

3. Scoot Along Miss. Hazard: small parts, improper age label. Call not returned by official, Richard Nugent, vice president for operations at Empire of Carolina Inc. of Tarboro.

4. Wooden cars made by CE Ets R. Lorge of France. Hazard: small parts; labeled for three years or older although toy would appeal to much younger child.

5. Nashco Train Puzzle. Hazard: small parts; properly labeled though attractive to children under age three.

6. Nashco Airplane Puzzle. Hazard: same as above.

7. Nashco Farm Puzzle. Hazard: same.

The director of marketing and sales for Nashco Products Inc. of Scranton, Pa., did not return calls. The puzzles are imported from China.

8. Mickeytown Ice Cream Playset. Hazard: small part (counter top). Mattel Inc. spokesman Glenn Bozarth called the safety complaint ″speculation.″

″They’re speculating that it it were to break it would become a small part,″ he said. ″We subject all our product to testing to make sure it doesn’t happen.″

He complained that the consumer group made no effort to contact the company directly with the safety concern.

9. Siamese Stuffed Cat. Hazard: small part (bell); no age labeling.

Gund Inc. spokeswoman Shari Meltzer in Edson, N.J., said the product was discontinued two years ago, was never designed for small children, and had such a label the last year it was sold.

10. Unique Party Favors - 4x4 Jeeps (a package of small, brightly colored, wooden jeeps). Hazard: small parts, improperly labeled. Ray Daikeler, executive vice president of the distributor, Unique Industries of Philadelphia, was not in his office. The items are made in China.

11. Mini Mite Car Transport. Hazard: small parts; labeled for over age three though attractive to younger children. Made in Hong Kong. Paul Warschaw, the president of the distributor, Henry Gordy International Inc. of Plainfield, N.J., was not in his office Wednesday afternoon.

12. Toy Cowboy Hat. Hazard: small part, no age labeling. U.S. manufacturer could not be located. ″This toy cowboy hat has a cord with a plastic closure ring,″ the report says. ″The ring is easily pulled off the cord and is a small part.″

13. Friction Powered Mini Blender and Mixer. Hazard: small parts; labeled for age three but with appeal to younger children. Same distributor as item No. 1.

14. Little Angel Doll. Hazard: small parts; labeled for children over three but with appeal to younger children. U.S. distributor of Chinese-made doll could not be found.

15. Toys’n Action Twirl’A’Way Plane. Hazard: small parts, labeled for over age three though having appeal to younger children. Supposed U.S. distributor could not be located.

16. Baby’s First Birthday Balloons. Hazard: lack of warning of specific choking hazard from popped or uninflated balloons. Package says ″not recommended for children under three.″ Group says ″these balloons are obviously intended for use by one year olds.″

Vice President and part-owner Allan Shook of the distributor, Trisar Inc. of Anaheim, Calif., said the package that was displayed is an old one that does not reflect changes made in July to reflect that the balloons can pose a hazard for children up to age five. He said new labels next year will tell parents to supervise the use of balloons with children up to age 6.

Shook added that the balloons are distributed through party stores and card shops and never were intended to be viewed as toys.

17. Party Favors - Six Balloon Whistles. Hazard: choking; no warning label. The switchboard was closed at the alleged distributor.

18. Snoopy plush toy in tuxedo. Hazard: detachable small part (bow tie); no age labeling.

19. Baby Exerciser. Hazard: violates voluntary industry standards for labeling and strap length. Distributor Battat Inc. of Montreal was reached and copy of allegations sent by facsimile, but with no response.

20. Sesame Street Crib & Play Ten Toy with Peek-a-Boo Mirror. Hazard: no warning label, long straps. Message left with secretary at Illco Toy Co. of New York.

21. Baby Trainer. Hazard: crib gym that has no age labeling and no warning label to remove the toy when the baby playing with it can get up on his hands and knees. Straps said to be too long. No U.S. distributor listed for Dutch- made toy.

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