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January 5, 1989

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) _ A libel case brought by Tom Selleck’s father will go to trial against a supermarket tabloid, which claimed Robert Selleck gave his son’s ″love secrets″ to the publication, the state Supreme Court ruled.

The court on Wednesday unanimously upheld a lower-court ruling reinstating Robert Selleck’s libel lawsuit against Globe International and upholding his status as a private figure, which makes it easier to win a libel case.

The lawsuit stems from a December 1982 issue of the Globe that carried the front-page headline, ″Tom Selleck’s Love Secrets - By His Father.″

The story, on an inside page, was headlined, ″Why Tom Selleck Can Never Be a Happy Lover.″

It said Robert Selleck had described his son as shy and ill at ease with women, and quoted the elder Selleck as saying, ″Tom’s relationships with women in his life are always disappointing because he’s just not the person they think he should be. He’s shy and sensitive, not rough and rugged.″

In his lawsuit, Robert Selleck said he had a brief, innocuous conversation with the writer of the article, but denied saying anything about his son’s relationships with women.

Stephen Rawson, a Globe lawyer, said, ″We expect to prevail in the case eventually.″ Robert Selleck’s attorney did not immediately return telephone calls.


LA JOLLA, Calif. (AP) - Former baseball star Steve Garvey says he’s signing on as a member of a new team, and he’s not talking about wearing a cap and glove again.

Sometime this spring or summer Garvey plans to marry Rebecka Mendenhall, 33, who works in the political unit of Cable News Network in Atlanta, the former All-Star first baseman said Wednesday.

″Essentially we met at CNN in Atlanta when I was doing an interview there. That was a couple of years ago,″ said Garvey, whose first marriage ended in divorce.

″I gave her the ring just before Christmas so it wouldn’t spoil the other presents,″ he said.

Garvey, 40, played in Los Angeles for 12 years before spending his final five seasons in San Diego. He retired before the 1987 season because of a shoulder injury.

Since leaving the game, Garvey has worked as a baseball commentator and has overseen his sports marketing operation in La Jolla.


SANTA MONICA, Calif. (AP) - Actress Barbara Stanwyck spent three nights in a hospital for treatment of a leg injury suffered on New Year’s Eve.

Army Archerd, a Hollywood columnist for Daily Variety, reported Wednesday that the 81-year-old Miss Stanwyck was accidentally kicked in the leg by a friend’s daughter who was wearing sharp-pointed boots.

Larry Keno, a spokesman for the actress, was out of the office and unavailable for comment Wednesday, and a call to Miss Stanwyck’s home rang unanswered.

Miss Stanwyck was released from St. John’s Hospital and Health Center on Tuesday, said hospital spokeswoman Paulette Weir, who declined further comment.

The actress has starred in such films as ″Double Indemnity,″ ″Sorry, Wrong Number″ and ″Ball of Fire.″


MANILA, Philippines (AP) - Director Oliver Stone, who filmed his Academy Award winning movie ″Platoon″ in the Philippines, has returned here to complete ″Born on the Fourth of July″ starring Tom Cruise.

Stone told reporters Wednesday he will finish the picture, which is about a young soldier crippled in the Vietnam War, in the northern Philippine city of Laoag.

Although the scenes will supposedly take place in Mexico, Stone said he chose the Philippines because shooting here is cheaper and ″Mexico does not have all the military equipment we need.″

The production crew will use helicopters rented from the Philippine air force, he said.

Stone filmed ″Platoon,″ a story of American infantrymen in Vietnam, in the Philippines in 1985.


VIENNA, Austria (AP) - Eddie ″The Eagle″ Edwards says the shock of being on the verge of the best ski jump of his career landed him in an Innsbruck hospital with a broken collarbone and a concussion.

The ski jumper whose ungainly form at last year’s Winter Olympics won him international attention was injured in a training jump Tuesday.

It was sheer panic at his good jumping position that disoriented him and sent him hurtling down the slope, Edwards said Wednesday.

″I never had such a good position before,″ he said.

Edwards was training for a World Cup ski jumping event in Innsbruck when he lost control over his right ski in the air and tumbled several times on landing, knocking him unconscious and breaking his collarbone.


EVANSVILLE, Ind. (AP) - Gov.-elect Evan Bayh, putting his state’s money where his mouth is, has decided not to spend $10,000 to place his name on highway signs welcoming visitors to Indiana.

The Department of Highways estimates that would be the total cost in labor and materials to change the name on the welcome signs at the state’s borders.

As a result, Bayh has ordered the department to remove the small signs reading ″Robert D. Orr, Governor″ and not to replace them. They are scheduled to come down Monday, the day of Bayh’s inauguration.

Bayh, son of former Sen. Birch Bayh, was elected on a campaign of cost- cutting that included refusing a pay raise and a state-owned car.


NASHVILLE, Tenn. (AP) - Grand Ole Opry star Johnny Russell was listed as stable after suffering a mild heart attack, his publicist said.

″His doctors are very optimistic, ″ Steve Campbell said Wednesday. ″Right now he’s undergoing tests and is being monitored.″

Russell, 48, was admitted to Nashville Memorial Hospital on Tuesday, complaining of chest pains, Campbell said.

He is known for his 1973 hit song ″Red Necks, White Socks and Blue Ribbon Beer.″

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