Hear Cleveland pop-punk band Seconds To Live’s new song ‘Kiss & Tell’

September 17, 2018

Hear Cleveland pop-punk band Seconds To Live’s new song ‘Kiss & Tell’

CLEVELAND, Ohio – Seconds To Live has found its own voice on its upcoming EP, “Kiss & Tell.” The Cleveland band embraces a modern pop-punk sound, drummer Nate Gliebe said.

“Our earlier releases were still pop-punk, but they fed off the nostalgic feel of late ’90s, early 2000s pop-punk,” he said. “We wanted to step out of those shoes and do something more modern and make a name for ourselves rather than capture the style of earlier bands.”

The new direction comes with a band that has endured some major changes in the past few years.

Original bassist Erin Jade Hess formed Seconds To Live in 2016, but as the band worked on songs and performed live, it started to change its style, according to Gliebe. Eventually, the band shifted into a direction Hess didn’t want to see it go,  Gliebe said.

“It just became too hectic, so it was at that point that Erin decided to step down from playing the bass,” he said.

After that, the remaining members – Gliebe, singer-guitarist Ben Stimens and guitarist Corey Linden – welcomed bassist Stephen Melfi into its new lineup in summer 2017.

The bandmates also brought a rich history of involvement in Cleveland’s rock-music scene. Stimens had been a member of Minds Without Purpose, Lindon played in Switchblade Scarlett, and Gliebe was a part of Taken By Sleep.

“We’ve all been through the ropes so when we joined up and started deciding what we wanted to do in this band, we all had experience in what works and what doesn’t,” Gliebe said.

The band went into the studio to record in the spring and is preparing to put out a five-song EP. The band released the title track, “Kiss & Tell,” on Friday. Listen to the song below:

“We’ve been holding onto this for so long,” Gliebe said. “We’ve had this song written for a long time. It’s finally great to be able to put it out.”

Seconds To Live will celebrate the release of the “Kiss & Tell” EP with a show at Mahall’s on Sept. 21. Physical copies of the EP will be on sale at the concert, along with Seconds To Live’s new merch. (Read more about the show.)

Gliebe said it’s a project he thinks will be well-supported in Northeast Ohio’s bubbling pop-punk and emo communities.

“I think with this release, we’ve been able to write and feel comfortable releasing what we are in the scene that is here in Cleveland,” he said.

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