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Anne Maguire, Conlon and Hill Remember With PM-Justice Miscarried

March 21, 1994

LONDON (AP) _ Paul Hill and Gerard Conlon made statements t o police implicating Conlon’s aunt, Anne Maguire, in IRA bombings. Here is how each remembers their meeting in police custody.


From ″Why Me?″ by Anne Maguire:

A couple of young lads sat down near us at one point and we made conversation. One was Danny Wilson from Belfast. ... The other lad said maybe I knew his mother as well. When he told me his mother’s maiden name and where her family had lived, I said of course, I knew her. We were at the ‘wee Leessie’ together. That was all I had said to Paul Hill until I saw him dragged in before me at Guildford police station.

Next they brought in Gerard Conlon. To this day, Gerard’s recollection of that event and mine are different. He was not in as bad a state as Paul Hill. At least he was able to walk in. I asked him, ″Did you write that statement son?″ He said to the police, ″You’ve got what you want.″ I told him, ″Gerard, you know this is lies. Why don’t you tell the truth?″ Then he looked at me and said, ″You tell the truth,″ and they led him away. I forgive Gerard and Paul but I cannot forget what the brought upon our family and other families. Why did they give my name and not the name of their own mothers or sisters or girlfriends? They have yet to tell me why, or to apologize.


From ″Proved Innocent″ by Gerard Conlon:

My aunt Annie was sitting beside a table. She looked as if she was in shock. There was a policeman with her and a woman officer. Annie and I were just staring at each other when Simmons (an officer) came in behind me and broke the silence.

Even now, Annie Maguire and I remember things differently. I know I was still crying, I couldn’t stop. I know I said, ″I’m sorry, I’m sorry.″

I was yanked by the hair out into the corridor again. The door slammed behind us and they hit me a lot of slaps across the face with the back of their hands, saying, ″Why didn’t you tell her she done the bombing?″


From ″Stolen Years″ by Paul Hill:

During one interrogation, Simmons burst in, grabbed me by the hair and dragged me along the corridor which was lined with uniformed officers. As he dragged me along he gave me rabbit punches in the back of the head. Some of the officers in the corridor joined in. I was pushed through two swinging fire doors and onto the stairwell. I was pushed down the stairs. Simmons pulled me up by the hair and dragged me to the door of another interview room. The fear was so intense I could hardly feel my legs and was unable to stand. I had no idea what this leading to or where it would end. The door opened and they brought me inside. They had to support me under the arms. I saw a woman. They said, ″Is this the woman?″ I shook my head and they shouted at me, ″Is this the f------ woman?″ I said, ″Yes.″ It turned out to be Annie Maguire, Gerry’s aunt. I had never seen her before. Then they took me out.

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