Walker could get a job in corrections -- Jon Patzlsberger

November 16, 2018

Now that Scott Walker is looking for a job, I have a wonderful suggestion for him.

Gov. Walker did not complete a post-high school education. I started working in the prison system at a very young age because I was married and needing benefits. I spent 30 years there and am now retired.

I always felt appreciated until Gov. Walker took away the employees’ worth and input on the job. I retired quickly because of the unsafe conditions Gov. Walker imposed on us.

Now that Walker needs a job, I am willing to write a letter of recommendation for him to work in corrections. He will make plenty of money because he won’t be able to go home thanks to staff shortages. He won’t have any say in his work environment because he took that away. He won’t spend Christmas or Thanksgiving with his family because he will be ordered to work a double shift.

But he has it coming because state employees had it so much better than the private sector.

Good luck, Walker, and enjoy your first day at work. But rest up. It will be a double shift.

Jon Patzlsberger, Stone Lake

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