Josh Norman on fan comments: ‘Sometimes, the truth is hard to accept’

November 16, 2018

ASHBURN Josh Norman has no plans to say he’s sorry.

On Thursday, the Redskins cornerback stood by his recent comments over the lack of atmosphere at FedEx Field. After last week’s win against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Norman said the home fans “boo everything” and that it was easier to play on the road.

“You must not know me very well, do you?” Norman said when asked if he could change anything about his remarks. “I don’t retract too many of my comments at all. And this is not one of them I’m retracting. It’s just because it’s the truth, at the end of the day. Sometimes, the truth is hard to accept.

“But for whom I was talking to, if that offended anyone then that’s on them. But the ones that I didn’t offend, they know and they get it and understand it.”

Norman, though, still wants the fans to show up.

The cornerback is giving away 40-50 tickets to Sunday’s game against the Houston Texans. Norman said he plans to use his social media accounts to promote the giveaway, adding he might hand them out at nearby areas, too.

Norman said the Redskins need the support.

“We’re not a team that’s 3-6,” Norman said. “We’re a team that’s 6-3. ... We’re trying to do something that’s great. We’re working hard. We’re working really hard to bring a championship caliber team here. It’s hard. But guess what? We’re changing that mindset. We’re changing that mode. That’s what we need from everyone.”

Fans are on their own for parking and concessions, Norman said.

“We just need your voice,” he said. “I’m paying for your voice, how about that?”

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