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Sketches of Defendants

October 2, 1995

Thumbnail sketches of terrorism trial defendants:

OMAR ABDEL-RAHMAN, 57. Spiritual leader of Gama’a Islamiya, a militant Muslim group accused of deadly terrorist acts in Egypt. Blind with diabetes and heart ailments. Led others by giving religious permission to bomb, murder and kidnap.

EL SAYYID NOSAIR, 39. A maintenance worker in court buildings until he was arrested after the killing of Rabbi Meir Kahane in 1990. Acquitted in state court of murder, but convicted of related weapons charges. Convicted in federal court in the killing but acquitted of participating in the bombing plot.

IBRAHIM EL-GABROWNY, 44. Cousin of Nosair. First arrested after investigators found his address on the driver’s license of the first man arrested in the World Trade Center bombing. Prosecutors said he recruited the FBI’s informant to help Nosair escape from prison.

CLEMENT RODNEY HAMPTON-EL, 57. Hospital laboratory technician. Became a hero among some Muslims after he went to Afghanistan to help war efforts there. He was wounded and returned home. Provided weapons and tried to obtain explosive materials.

AMIR ABDELGANI, 35. Was about to become a U.S. citizen when arrested. Prosecutors said he was in a car when others spoke of bombing Manhattan’s Diamond District to damage Jewish-owned jewelry stores. Helped build car bombs and case the United Nations and a federal building for bombings.

FADIL ABDELGANI, 32. Cousin of Abdelgani. Helped to make car bombs.

FARES KHALLAFALLA, 33. Prosecutors said he wanted to watch a New York Knicks basketball game when he was talked into going to a safe house where the FBI was ready to videotape defendants. Helped to build bombs and contributed money to buy stolen cars.

TARIG ELHASSAN, 40. Sudanese immigrant and former cab driver who was separated from his wife and three small children. Helped make car bombs.

VICTOR ALVAREZ, 29. Defense testimony showed he was borderline retarded when he became a Muslim after seeing a television program. Prosecutors said he gave an informant an Uzi semi-automatic rifle.

MOHAMMED SALEH, 39. A Palestinian from Jordan, he owned a gas station in Yonkers, N.Y. Provided money and fuel oil for car bombs.

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