MANILA, Philippines (AP) — Philippine authorities said Wednesday that 155 foreigners, mostly Chinese, face deportation after being arrested for working in the country illegally.

The foreigners were apprehended Monday in Pasay City, just outside of Manila, where they were working as call center agents or online gambling operators, Immigration Bureau spokeswoman Elaine Tan said in a statement.

She said the foreigners failed to present documents showing they can legally work in the Philippines and would be charged with violating immigration laws. Her statement said most of those arrested are Chinese, but did not give a specific number.

The foreigners will be held for about two weeks before being deported, said an Immigration Bureau press officer, Dana Mengote.

According to Philippine immigration records, at least 215 foreigners, mostly Chinese, were nabbed separately last year without work visas, and 58 others were apprehended in January. Mengote said the number represents only those arrested in "major operations" and does not include occasional apprehensions of only one or two foreigners violating immigration laws.

The Immigration Bureau says 659 foreigners, including 80 who are criminal suspects and fugitives, were arrested in 2013.