Voice of the People: Fake news does truly exist

January 13, 2019

Mr. David Giuliani fits the cookie-cutter mold of those many “journalists” who perpetrate fake news.

He states (in the As It Is column) that Donald Trump refers to news stories he doesn’t like as “fake news.” That is fake news. Were that true, President Trump would call 90 percent of all news “fake news” as that’s the percentage of negative coverage of him.

Giuliani then goes on to say that “The stories the president castigates nearly always are factual.” More fake news from our intrepid junior journalist. The myriad false Kavanaugh stories; the border scandal; the Russian collusion hoax, one can fill a tabloid with fake news stories. Come to think of it, the New York Times and Washington Post do exactly that.

But it’s not just the outright false stories they put forth but the one-sidedness of the vast majority of their stories. If only half a story is told — truth is absent. And filling the void left by the absence of truth is a lie. And lies are the essence of fake news. Anytime a news story is slanted, the truth is skewed. President Trump is wrong to say only those stories which are patently false are fake news. He should pin that label on most of the major media stories.

As a (supposed) supporter of the First Amendment you, Mr. Giuliani, should not advocate for limiting free speech. We should not stop using the term “fake news” as you urge. Instead, we need to label all slanted news reports for what they truly are — fake news.

As far as your dispute with Mayor Wells-Armstrong, I used to think you were fair. But now, after your public call to inhibit free speech because of a single pin-prick of a criticism directed your way, I have to question your fidelity to the truth and a vibrant public forum.

Kent Dickinson


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