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Carnegie Hero: ‘It Gives Your Life Meaning’

November 6, 1987

PITTSBURGH (AP) _ When Timothy E. Mosher heard screams from his neighbor’s apartment, he rushed upstairs to find the building superintendent holding a bloodied woman from behind.

Mosher, 35, a New York film writer, struggled with the knife-wielding man, allowing the woman to escape. Mosher was stabbed in the chest and nearly died from his wound.

On Thursday, he was among 17 Americans and Canadians honored by the Carnegie Hero Fund Commission for risking their lives to save others.

Mosher, recalling the March 4 attack in a telephone interview, said he heard the screams from the apartment of Mana Mashoon, 41, who lived above him in Manhattan.

″He said someone else had stabbed her, but I told him to step away. He did and I went after him and struggled with him,″ Mosher said.

″I couldn’t get to the knife. He stabbed me in the chest, right near my heart. After he stabbed me, he fled. I was bleeding. I went into the hall and got Mana to my apartment. I locked the door and dialed 911. That’s when I realized I was stabbed badly,″ he said.

The woman recovered from a neck wound.

Mosher said he acted without ″giving it much thought.″

″I just knew someone was in trouble,″ he said. ″If I didn’t react, I don’t think I could live with myself very easily.

″I feel like a hero,″ he said. ″It gives your life a little more meaning, a little more purpose. There’s a certain type of grace in that, knowing that in an emergency, I will help someone.″

The heroes receive a medal and $2,500 cash from the fund, which has cited 7,162 persons since it was founded by industrialist Andrew Carnegie in 1904 to honor heroism among civilians in the United States and Canada.

Others cited Thursday were:

-Aaron L. Carter, 34, of Lexington, Ky., who saved a 22-year-old woman from her burning apartment on Feb. 26.

-Stephen Esparza, 39, of Corona, Calif., and Timothy E. Kusler, 54, of Diamond Bar, Calif., who saved a 57-year-old man from a burning motor home on an interstate highway in Fontana, Calif., on Oct. 28, 1986.

-Gail L. Kilgore, 72, of Willamina, Ore., who saved a 91-year-old man from his burning mobile home on Jan. 17. Both suffered burns.

-David Walker, 25, of Jamestown, Kan., who saved a 64-year-old man from drowning in Buffalo Creek at Concordia, Kan., on April 15. Both were treated for injuries.

-Jack J. Pierce, 38, of Pittsburg, Calif., who saved a 42-year-old man from his burning apartment on July 16, 1986. Both suffered injuries.

-Terry L. Robinson, 23, of Norfolk, Va., who saved a 13-year-old boy and a 6-year-old boy from a burning apartment on April 20. The younger boy later died.

-Alejandro S. Verdejo, 25, of Redlands, Calif., who saved a 2-year-old boy from a runaway car on Dec. 19, 1985.

-James Bolling Jr., 33, of New York City, who saved a 4-year-old girl from an assailant on the subway on Nov. 29, 1986.

-Brian E. Weldon, 25, of North Lauderdale, Fla., who saved a man from drowning in a canal in Tamarac, Fla., on July 7.

-Sherry Clamp Stone, 36, of Donalds, S.C., who saved a man who was hit by a runaway car on Jan. 27.

-Jackie L. Rowan, 42, of Rockwall, Texas, who saved a 2-year-old boy from his burning house in Garland, Texas, on Dec. 4, 1986.

-Curtis N. Herring, 61, of Linden, Calif., who saved a 51-year-old woman from her burning car on July 13, 1986.

-Sean Costain, 23, of Colwood, British Columbia, who saved a 21-year-old man from an attacking bear near Bella Coola, British Columbia, on Oct. 12, 1985. Costain suffered wounds to his hand and leg.

-John Edward Hutchings, 35, of Winnipeg, Manitoba, who saved a man from drowning in the Assiniboine River on Oct. 6, 1986. Hutchings was injured.

-Darryl F. Pearcey, 13, of Mount Pearl, Newfoundland, who saved a 10-year- old boy from drowning in Southwest Pond at Holyrood, Newfoundland, on July 27, 1985. Pearcy was injured.

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