Cattle rustlers in western N.Y. state snatch calves

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BUFFALO, N.Y. (AP) _ Today's cattle rustlers aren't looking for the big ones. At least not in western New York, where thieves have taken calves less than 2 weeks old. ``Calf-nappings'' have been reported in five upstate counties this summer. Thieves prefer to steal heifers. The female calves are worth more money.

D.C. group boosts redevelopment in capital's Southwest waterfront

WASHINGTON (AP) _ The National Capital Revitalization Corp. said it spent $5.5 million for the leasehold interest in the old Hogate's restaurant. The move boosts the redevelopment effort in the district's Southwest waterfront. The land is expected to be part of a plan to create apartments, retail space and parkland over the next decade.


Florida city's police department bars racial slurs

FORT MYERS, Fla. (AP) _ The Fort Myers police department adopted a policy banning racial slurs, five months after local NAACP leaders called for an investigation. Black leaders were upset about Major Matt Chappelle, who admitted using derogatory slang about blacks while telling a joke. Chapelle said he didn't mean to be offensive.

Okla. man charged with crime for which another was wrongly jailed

TULSA, Okla. (AP) _ Seven months after DNA evidence cleared a man of a 1987 rape, prosecutors charged another man with the crime. Charges of first-degree rape and forcible sodomy were filed against Edward Alberty, who already is in prison because his suspended sentence from a previous sex crime was revoked. Arvin McGee Jr., who was convicted of the rape in 1989 and spent 14 years in prison, was released in February.


New state retirees in Ill. may have to wait for first pension checks

SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (AP) _ State workers who opted for Illinois' early retirement program could be waiting longer than they expected for their first pension checks. The State Employees Retirement System says it could be up to two months before they get their first checks because of the large numbers of people retiring early.

Iowa officials prepared to help rebuild Madison County covered bridge

DES MOINES, Iowa (AP) _ State transportation officials say they're prepared to award up to $500,000 in federal funds to help rebuild one of Madison County's famed covered bridges. The Cedar Bridge, made famous by the book and movie ``The Bridges of Madison County,'' was destroyed by arson last week.


Sacramento extends domestic partner benefits to county employees.

Sacramento, Calif. _ The Board of Supervisors voted to provide domestic-partnership benefits for Sacramento County employees. The action reverses a longtime position of the board. Supervisor Muriel Johnson says she changed her mind after hearing from employees who struggled because their partners did not have medical insurance. It's unclear how many of the 14,000 county employees will be affected.

N.M. Indians purchase tract in Sandia Mountains

SANDIA PUEBLO, N.M. (AP) _ Sandia Pueblo purchased a 160-acre tract in the Sandia Mountains east of the pueblo for an undisclosed price. Pueblo officials said the purchase prevents development and eliminates one of the pueblo's remaining demands regarding its century-old claim to the west face of the Sandia Mountains.