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Singer Of Skinhead Rock Band Charged with Inciting Racial Hatred

June 22, 1993

KOBLENZ, Germany (AP) _ A singer for a German skinhead rock band has been charged with inciting racial hatred and giving the Nazi salute at concerts.

State prosecutor Norbert Weise also charged the singer, Joerg Petritsch, with use of Nazi symbols and spreading propaganda that violates the constitution.

Petritsch and his band Stoerkraft (Disruptive Force) are among several skinhead groups singled out by authorities in their drive to crack down on rightist extremists. Some of their music has been banned.

In a statement released Monday, Weise said Stoerkraft’s texts often incited ″aggressive hate of foreigners,″ presenting foreigners as subhumans who should be hunted down with dogs and destroyed.

Petritsch showed the raised-arm Hitler salute at concerts and once greeted his fans with ″Sieg Heil,″ the Nazi salute, the prosecutor said.

He said the group’s texts supported Nazi ideology, and Petritsch printed and sold T-shirts with the SS sign.

Weise said Stoerkraft was one of the most popular skinhead groups, influential with the rightist scene. The band has sold 60,000 records, he said.

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