Stand with science against attacks -- Jim Miller

February 18, 2019

In the Jan. 22 letter to the editor ” Don’t be afraid to question science,” the writer advised questioning science, stating that those who promote science have a hidden agenda.

But the writer didn’t state his agenda for questioning science. So my letter questions his criticism of science.

He states that science once considered the Earth was flat. Not so much. Modern science dates back to Galileo. The ancient Greeks knew the Earth was a globe. Eratosthenes even produced a rather accurate measurement of its polar circumference. Dante made a great deal about how the sun rises and sets around this globe.

Then the letter writer states that scientists believed the sun and stars revolved around the earth. Actually, that was the church, interpreting the Bible in questionable ways. They persecuted the first modern scientist, Galileo, for saying otherwise.

Let me make a couple of guesses. The writer’s hidden agenda is climate change, and his basis is also a questionable reading of the Bible. I’ll take my stand with science against religious attacks on climate science.

Jim Miller, Madison