Orchids and Onions: Wednesday, January 16, 2019

January 16, 2019

Another beautiful day in Havasu...

Onions to the powers that be for allowing Tannerite shooters so close to town that they rattle my windows, shake the house, scare us half to death and terrify our dog and our cat. Get the hell away from residences! The Lone Ranger.

Orchids to the sweet soul that mailed my son’s birthday card! I lost it at Smith’s. It was stamped, but needed the flap taped...which you also took the time to do. It was a wonderful surprise.

Onions to getting French fries at 7 p.m. from burger joint. Fries and attitudes could use a real makeover. Seems some businesses get too cocky for their own good.

Onions to all the winter visitor squatters. If you can afford to drive across the U.S., you can afford a campsite. If not, stay home!

Orchids to Holly at Hart’s Barbershop in the building next to Mario’s Restaurant. She gives the greatest haircut in Havasu. I’m a customer for life. Thanks Holly. Don

Onions to the people that think it is cute or funny to use fireworks that sound like sonic booms. Please have some consideration for your neighbors that have pets. My poor little dogs are traumatized. This is in the area north of the high school off of South Palo Verde.

Orchids to Basha’s for allowing us to return any and all plastic bags for recycle. Onions to those retailers who refuse to accept/recycle even their own bags.

Onions to man in silver truck towing boat down 95 without a trailer. It may have had wheels underneath but I could not see them. This can’t be legal. Surely I’m not the only one witnessing such?

Orchid to Don’s Auto Body. Chad and his staff are courteous and a straight-up team. The shop is clean and well-maintained. My car came back immaculate and in showroom condition. I definitely recommend this shop to anyone in need of auto body work.

Onions to the person(s) on Hiawatha for shooting off fireworks late at night, waking people and frightening my dog.

Orchids to Doctor Parson and the staff at Arizona Desert Dermatology. It took many months to get a handle on my crisis, but they did it! Always pleasant and accommodating, even in emergency visits. Thank you.

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