Affected Services

July 4, 2018

Some services that are currently exempt and would be off limits to future taxes under the ballot measure, and the approximate revenues they could generate:

Hospitals: $810.1 million

Physicians: $454.0 million

Legal: $184.9 million

Dentists: $121.9 million

Auto repair: $105.3 million

Accounting, tax preparation, bookkeeping: $82.0 million

Travel: $69.9 million

Investigation: $53.9 million

Advertising: $41.3 million

Investment: $35.6 million

Laundry: $23.0 million

Beauty salons: $18.8 million

Chiropractors: $13.7 million

Funeral services: $9.3 million

Nail salons: $3.2 million

Diet centers: $2.3 million

Lawn services: $1.3 million

— Source: Arizona Department of Revenue

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