Christopher Gallaga: Food service is my passion

September 2, 2018

I am the new Executive Chef and Food Service Director from Taher for the Lake Havasu Unified School District. I have been in my job now a full month and thought this an opportune time to introduce myself.

I am an American chef and entrepreneur who lived in Hong Kong for the past 25 years. My last project there was to spend several years planning, implementing and developing a bespoke foodservice department for the prestigious Hong Kong Academy, an independent K-12 school. My mission was to create an attractive and wholesome food service that the entire community (students, faculty, staff and parents) engaged in.

I succeeded in recreating some of the warm, nutritious, friendliness of my family and home, around the school meal tables.

As my time overseas grew long, my attention has increasingly been drawn to my family home, Arizona. Early this year I became aware of the need for a school food service director in Lake Havasu City.

In meeting with Taher, and exploring the city online I came to see this as a very happy match: A diverse, vibrant community on the lake; a dynamic, independent, foodservice leader sincerely implementing culinary-driven concepts; and a chef who has become ever more passionate about transforming school meals.

Like you, my life is exciting, storied and complex. I won’t go into more detail here, but encourage you to visit my personal webpage www.achefatlarge.com at your leisure, to learn more about me.

Taher, Inc. is a contract food service management company providing K-12 school lunch management, campus dining, senior dining, business dining and catering, summer camp dining, and vending and office coffee services to clients in a growing nationwide footprint.

Since its founding in 1981 by President and CEO Bruce Taher, the company has focused on serving fresh foods expertly prepared by a team of chefs, supported by a group of seasoned veterans, and delivered at a reasonable price.

Taher serves over 34 million meals per year, and employs / supervises over 2,600 employees.

You may know that the LHUSD Food Service Director, Pat Gray, passed unexpectedly in late 2017.

With the emergency of her passing, the burden of her work fell temporarily to many individuals. I want to especially thank two key people in this transition: From the district office, our liaison, Anne Taffe; and from Taher LHUSD, Donna Brown.

They have done an exemplary job. Through their passion, diligence and support, the schools have maintained a very reputable food service operation during a difficult time.

I now formally relieve them of their share of my work.

While I have no doubt they will guide and assist me as I develop the forward path to nourishing the minds of our future, you can now contact me directly for all food service related matters, be they comments, suggestions, troubles, or requests for expanded catering services. I am here to help.

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