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On the Light Side

August 5, 1985

SUN CITY, Calif (AP) _ Some people think the shrimp farm in the middle of the desert is a mirage. Steve Serfling thinks it’s a fortune in the making.

In shallow pools of water capped by polyethylene domes, Serfling operates Solar Aquafarms, an industry that he says could produce 2 million pounds of shrimp this year, bringing a $10 million profit.

The ponds work under a self-supporting closed environmental system. Reeds growing in the temperature-controlled circulating water provide the shellfish with nutrients, and the shrimp, in turn, provide them to the plants.


BRIDGEVILLE, Del. (AP) - Junior Truitt says the only thing to do in this town of 1,200 is to sit on the porch and watch the weekly parade of cars through town on their way to the Delaware seashore.

Officials say too many out-of-state motorists are speeding through this southwestern Delaware town in a hurry to hit the beach. ″If it weren’t for the beach traffic, there wouldn’t be anything going on in town,″ Truitt said.

Bridgeville is on the main route between the Chesapeake Bay Bridge and the Delaware shore. Proposals for an east-west bypass around the town have been talked about for years.

″It’s like the beach is going to dry up or something,″ said Police Chief John W. Tyndall.


HAYWARD, Calif. (AP) - Mary Poppins he may not be, but Richard Racette, 18, aims to be a first-rate nanny.

Racette expects to be the first man to graduate from the California Institute for Childcare Professionals, a state-licensed school for nannies, where he finds himself under the constant supervision of the school’s founder. He’s not the only male student there. He’s the only student.

The two-month course covers nutrition, discipline, childhood development, household management, even first aid and CPR.

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