Cheeky environmental police post urges boater safety

July 15, 2018

The tone might have been tongue in cheek, but the message of a Facebook post by the Connecticut State Environmental Conservation Police was serious.

The police posted a photo on its page of conservation police boat motoring by a vessel covered in a variety of flags, many of them bearing the skull and crossbones associated with pirates (a comment on the post identified it as a vessel from a kids’ party encountered last year on Candlewood Lake).

Under the silly photo was a serious message: “No matter what flag you fly just remember to boat safe. If you see our blue lights activated please give us a wide berth as to not create a wake around us as we are dealing with a vessel.”

The post goes on to advise boaters to contact the State EnCon Police Emergency Dispatch Center at 860-424-3333 or toll free at 800-842-4357 if they see or suspect illegal boating activity or a boat with intoxicated operator.

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