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Brides are supposed to wear something borrowed and something blue, n

March 5, 1997

EAST PROVIDENCE, R.I. (AP) _ Brides are supposed to wear something borrowed and something blue, not black-and-blue.

Bride-to-be Rhonda Amaral, 27, had a bump on her forehead and a bloody nose when police arrived to break up a bridal shower brawl Sunday.

The fight started when Rhonda was slapped by her sister Robin Amaral, who was angry over her older sister’s foul language and insults of family members, police said.

Rhonda responded by hurling a glass cake cover that shattered when her sister blocked it with her wrist, police said.

Their father broke up the fight by wrestling Rhonda to the ground, and police said she tried to bite an officer who handcuffed her.

Rhonda spent the night in jail and pleaded guilty Monday to disorderly conduct and resisting arrest, receiving a $100 fine and probation.

Robin needed eight stitches to close her wrist wound. She has been charged with simple assault.


WICHITA, Kan. (AP) _ A man who has impersonated a gynecologist, senator, professional athlete and astronaut has allegedly added to his resume.

Robert James Hunt, 35, was charged Monday in U.S. District Court with pretending to be a Secret Service agent.

Hunt is accused of offering investigative services to a Pittsburg sporting goods store worker in November while posing as a Secret Service agent.

He was arrested Friday and a search of his home turned up the same kind of 9 mm pistol that is used by the Secret Service.

The alleged offense came the same month he was released from prison after pleading guilty in 1994 to another impersonation charge.

The legal complications could interfere with his latest role. He is a candidate in Pittsburg’s city commission election scheduled for next month.


TULSA, Okla. (AP) _ Thousands of Social Security recipients in Oklahoma finally found out where their checks were _ hundreds of miles away in Dallas.

Tulsa postal workers tracked down 7,000 missing checks Tuesday at the Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport, following complaints from some recipients that Monday’s checks had not arrived.

``We had been trying all day to find out where they were,″ U.S. Post Office spokeswoman Jane Elbon said. ``I don’t know if they were mislabeled or misdirected. I was too excited about finding them.″

She said the checks would be delivered today.


CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (AP) _ A cross-dressing mechanic has won harassment suits against three police officers, and is looking to put a fourth notch on his belt.

Michael ``Michelle″ Weaver has filed suit against another officer two weeks after a federal jury found three officers guilty of arresting him without probable cause.

He asked for $1 million, but was awarded $2,261.

Weaver claims he is being harassed and his constitutional rights violated because of his appearance. Of 11 misdemeanor charges filed against him in two years, eight were dismissed.

Weaver is taking hormones and dresses as a woman, but is legally a male.

``It looks now like he is going to file a suit against anybody who’s ever arrested him,″ Assistant City Attorney Phil Noblett said. ``He’s been arrested oodles of times.″

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