Lease agreement to save Bourbonnais money

February 5, 2019

Bourbonnais will not own most of its public works and code vehicles in the near future.

Village trustees on Monday agreed to a five-year lease with Enterprise for 13 vehicles. The lease will cost the village $91,130 per year.

By leasing the vehicles, the village will save about $12,000 annually. Maintenance fees are included in the lease agreement.

“Over time, it is less expensive to lease these vehicles,” said Mike Wolf, the village’s finance director. “There is less maintenance costs when you are getting new vehicles every five years. They will be newer and more efficient.”

Wolf said Enterprise will sell the 13 vehicles, which are 2018 models or newer, after five years. The money from those sales will cut the cost of the lease.

This is the beginning of a larger plan for the village, which is looking into leasing squad cars. The village pays $140,000 to replace three squad cars each year.

A lease for squad cars would span three years since police vehicles tend to put on more miles per year than public works vehicles. Wolf estimates leasing police vehicles will save the village close to $40,000 per year.

“A lot of communities are jumping on board with this,” Wolf said. “The city of Kankakee is looking into it. It is more efficient financially, and we get to use more up-to-date equipment.”

Keeping the homeless warm

The village agreed to let Central Christian Church open on an emergency basis to assist the homeless in cold temperatures.

The church, located at 310 Main St. SW, has served as a temporary homeless shelter on Tuesdays and Sundays through Fortitude Community Outreach. The church has provided overnight shelter to an average of 11 people per night, while also serving warm meals.

It was open throughout last week as subzero temperatures swept through the area.

“I am very proud for them for stepping up and doing that,” Mayor Paul Schore said. “With the weather from last week, I think everybody realized nobody can live outside.”

Schore encouraged the public to make donations to the church.

Scout week

Boy Scouts will learn the inner workings of village government on Wednesday as part of a longstanding tradition.

For the past 35 years, the village has declared the first full week of February “Scout Week.” The week kicked off Monday night with scouts from Pack 392 presenting the colors at the village board meeting. They received their Bourbonnais patches afterward.

That clears the path for Wednesday, when the scouts will shadow village officials and present their perspective on the village.

“We’ll see what kind of ideas they come up with,” Schore said. “They always have interesting thoughts and ideas for the village’s future.”

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