Orchids and Onions: Wednesday, September 19, 2018

September 19, 2018

Another beautiful day in Havasu...

Onions to the ads of the two political opponents bashing each other. It appears that they are either both liars or unfit for office. Which liar do I vote for, mine or yours?

Orchids to golfers that will sign up for the Phoenix Children’s Hospital Charity Golf at Lake Havasu Golf Club sponsored by Love’s.

Orchids to the yearbook club that put on a dance to celebrate middle school kids. My kid had a blast, came home and went on for two hours about how much fun he had. You should be proud of them at Telesis.

Onions to the onion re mail person not putting flag down. So what? When you waddle out to get your mail, put it down? People, stop whining for God’s sake.

Onions to the person that says you have to stay on the right side of the lake up and down it do a fact check you can go down the middle. There’s no law against it. If a boat is coming towards you, you go to the right of him and he goes to the right of you. This isn’t Lake Elsinore.

Onions to law enforcement for not enforcing Arizona’s stupid motorist law! Civics lesson: you may not like citizen legislators dictating your job, but you don’t get to selectively pick and choose what laws you enforce! Who do you think you are….the FBI?

Orchids to the manager in electronics at Walmart. Your kindness and understanding to my situation was amazing. Kudos to you.

Orchids to All American Air. We lost a compressor on Saturday night with a houseful of company for birthdays. They had it fixed in an hour. Great service! Kennedys

Orchids to the young men in the cove south on Lake Havasu Sept. 14 for turning our boat around after a near-disaster with your boat. We had a mechanical issue. It was stuck in FWD, so when we put it in reverse, it lunged forward. No neutral either; the pin came out of the linkage. Old Couple

Orchids to Kevin and AJ of Splash Pool Service for the prompt response fixing three problems with our pool system recently. The problems were spread over several weeks, but the response each time was excellent.

Orchids to Ranger Terry, a truly wonderful man with a heart of gold. He’s always helping his friends and neighbors. Havasu is very lucky to have a man such as you in our community. I feel very blessed to be called your friend.


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