Orchids and Onions: Wednesday, March 13, 2019

March 14, 2019

Another beautiful day in Havasu...

Orchids to Calvary Baptist for thoughtfully providing breakfast for LHHS staff and faculty. You appreciate us, and we appreciate you right back! XOXO

Onions to cheap restaurant tippers. Servers are often paid below minimum wage because they receive tips. Owners do this because they can and it increases their take-home pay. Like it or not, we pay server salaries via tips.

Orchids to Mishae at Smith’s Pharmacy for searching all over town to find some eye drops I needed and they were out! Thank you, thank you...Suzie

Onions to the off roaders at Crystal Beach sand dunes. We had a beautiful water view bench for all to enjoy. It was vandalized. Please respect our land. We too are off roaders.

Orchids to our great mailman, Dustin, in the area of El Dorado. You’re always friendly and going out of your way to bring mail to our door if necessary. We appreciate all you do for us. M.H.

Onions to the inconsiderate person who walks their dog on Pesao Granada and does not pick up after it does its “business.” Please show some respect to your neighbors. It is gross and a health hazard.

Orchids to Debbie at Lake Havasu Cosmetics for the best facial ever. They are so wonderful. Thank you Christie, too. Suzie

Orchids to Madeleine at Noggins. Love my cut and color. Plus, she’s a “dog person,” so we have lots of fun while she works. Thanks, Madeleine!

Orchids to El Padrino Italian Bistro, you and your staff helped to make our mother’s birthday celebration wonderful. We loved your food, (especially the baked artichoke hearts,) and the staff made us feel like family. We will be back, thank you.

Onions to the daytime manager at karaoke. You cut your best bartenders’ shifts. You will be losing a lot of patrons. I hope they go somewhere else so we can support them elsewhere. You should be ashamed. No wonder you have the turnover you do.

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