Letter writer admits to Facebook ID

November 22, 2018

The identity of “Sajin Young,” the Facebook poster who tormented Lutheran Health Network’s CEO, has been revealed in a letter to the editor sent this week to The Journal Gazette.

In correspondence scheduled to be published Friday, Craig Sorg, former director of imaging at Dukes Memorial Hospital, admits that he “published offensive and disparaging statements regarding Lutheran Health Network and some of its employees.”

Dukes Memorial Hospital in Peru, which is 60 miles southwest of Fort Wayne, is one of eight hospitals in Lutheran’s network. As of this week, Sorg is no longer employed there.

In the one-paragraph letter, Sorg apologizes, says he regrets his actions and has learned from his mistakes. He declined to make additional comments when contacted by a reporter.

Mark GiaQuinta, a local attorney who represented Sorg, also declined to comment on the letter. He provided the following statement, however.

“I represented 10 witnesses and a John Doe defendant, and everyone is very pleased that the matter is resolved now and everyone can move on,” GiaQuinta said.

Lutheran Health Network and former CEO Brian Bauer issued a joint statement Saturday saying the parties had settled a lawsuit filed slightly more than a year ago against Bauer and the Facebook poster going by the alias “Sajin Young.” 

The parties have agreed to keep most terms of the settlement confidential. Mike Poore, Lutheran Health Network’s CEO and the target of the most cutting barbs, said the public apology was negotiated in the organization’s settlement with Sorg.

The lawsuit alleged both Bauer and the Facebook poster using alias “Sajin Young” defamed and disparaged Lutheran network’s Franklin, Tennessee-based parent company to undermine the company’s business relationships. They were accused of trying to drive away patients and physicians and drive down Lutheran Health Network’s value.

Lutheran’s network also filed suit asking the court to keep Bauer from working for competing health care providers in northeast Indiana.

A Tennessee court ruled in February that Bauer can continue working for Indiana University Health, but he can’t work on health care-related ventures with anyone with whom he has shared confidential Lutheran Health Network business strategy. Both Tennessee and Indiana courts were involved in the dispute.

Community Health Systems, Lutheran’s parent company, had asked for unspecified damages and for Bauer and “Sajin Young” to be ordered to stop publicly criticizing CHS. The Sajin Young account has been removed from Facebook.

Sorg, who has admitted to creating the Sajin Young account, graduated from Ball State University in 2005 and previously worked for Methodist Hospital in Indianapolis and Morris Innovative as a national clinical specialist, according to his LinkedIn profile.

It’s unclear how many people contributed to the postings made on the Sajin Young account. References were made to Poore, Lutheran Health Network’s CEO, test driving a car and his wife attending a local women’s political party meeting. They created the impression that Poore and his family were being watched throughout the community.

Other posts aimed at damaging Poore’s integrity suggested he was unfaithful to his wife and inflating capital funding requests submitted to corporate headquarters in Franklin, Tennessee. 

On Wednesday, Poore provided the following statement regarding the posts. Poore stressed that his remarks were those of a concerned husband and father and don’t represent Lutheran Health Network or CHS.

“The life of a family in the healthcare industry comes with many unseen stresses and sacrifices; added to that for my family is also caring for a special needs child. It was beyond my realm of comprehension to imagine that my family and I, along with other colleagues and their families, would ever be targets of stalking, harassment and intimidation,” Poore wrote.

“I feel the attacks by Mr. Sorg were nothing short of cruel. I would never wish this on anyone,” he wrote. “I hope we can move forward with a spirit of unity as a community dedicated to the care and well-being of all who call Fort Wayne home.”


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