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Four West Germans Given Suspended Sentence for Disturbance

June 30, 1986

GENOA, Italy (AP) _ The jury hearing the Achille Lauro hijacking trial today convicted four West Germans who interrupted the trial’s opening day by shouting pro- Palestinian slogans.

The court sentenced the two men and two women to three months in prison, but suspended the penalty. The proceedings were separate from the main hijacking trial, which resumes Tuesday.

Petra Haack, 32; Gabriele Scharenberg, 25; Wolfgang Struwe, 31, and Dirk Zieseniss, 24, were charged with interrupting a trial and with showing support for terrorism.

The jury cleared them of the charge of supporting terrorism, but convicted them of interrupting a trial.

The four had been jailed since June 18, when they stood up in the spectators’ section of the courtroom, each raising a clenched fist and shouting ″We are for the Palestinian revolution 3/8″

In the hijacking trial, 15 defendants are accused in the Oct. 7 hijacking of the Italian cruise ship. During the hijacking, American passenger Leon Klinghoffer, 69, was killed and his body was thrown overboard into the Mediterranean.