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3-Year-Old Boy Killed in Subway Fall

December 6, 2000

NEW YORK (AP) _ A 3-year-old boy fell out of a moving subway car to his death as his mother looked on Tuesday when a sliding door leading to the next car apparently jolted open, police said.

Austin Mei was pronounced dead at the scene. The train was taken out of service for inspection.

The boy and his mother, 37-year-old Xing Ling Mei, were heading to a baby sitter’s home so Mei could go to work. Passengers told police the train was packed, Mei was sitting down and her son was standing in front of her, next to the door leading to the next car. As the train rumbled over a track switch, the subway jolted and tilted a bit, and the door slid open.

Austin, who was standing with his back to the door _ but not leaning against it _ apparently lost his footing and fell in between the subway cars and was hit by the train, police said.

Mei, who speaks only Cantonese, and fellow passengers, immediately summoned for help and the train was stopped.

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