3. Anchorage, AK

November 9, 2018

Photo Credit: Ania / Alamy Stock Photo

Percent of workers who live <10 min. from work: 15.4%Mean one-way commute: 19.1 minutesCommuter profile: Car: 87.7%, Public transit: 2.0%, Walk: 3.4%, Bicycle: 1.1%Median home value: $320,000Median rent (2br): $1,245

Fishing, hiking, and camping are some of the favorite pastimes of Anchorage residents. Due to the city’s high latitude, Anchorage residents might see only five hours of sunlight per day during the winter—but they also have the opportunity for stargazing and seeing the Aurora Borealis, which many tourists visit Alaska specifically to watch. Demographically, one quarter of the population is under the age of 18, making it a great destination for young families. At $1,245, Anchorage has the highest median rent on this list.

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