letter to the editor Why we need Nancy Pelosi

November 15, 2018

Why we need Nancy Pelosi

Republicans have demonized Hillary Clinton with much success for years. For fewer years and less successfully they have tried to demonize Nancy Pelosi. They have not found cause to allege illegal action nor to launch investigations of her activities. The best they can do is label her an extreme liberal or even socialist. She has played a key role in getting the Affordable Care Act passed and protected against Republican dismantling.

Some of the newly elected progressive Democrats during their campaigns for election to the House waffled on whether they would support Pelosi for Speaker, even in a few cases pledging not to support her. They need to retract.

Only she has the experience and skill to organize the Democratic caucus, to avoid a fruitless and wasteful effort to impeach Trump unless overwhelming evidence of his “crimes and misdemeanors” convinces even many Republicans to support impeachment. Only she can discipline new Democratic committee chairmen to use investigative authority wisely, not indiscriminately for political revenge or their own advancement.

As Speaker she will again be the most powerful woman in the federal government. She joins the President and Vice President as the only officials elected by the whole nation. She has her own California constituency, which elected her to the House and the vote of a majority of House members elected by their constituencies in their various states. The latter is a form of indirect election not unlike the method of choosing the President and Vice President through an Electoral College instead of a direct nationwide popular vote.

Finally, she has the toughness and coolness of temperament to stand up against the outrageous antics of Donald Trump.

Daniel C. Hudson


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