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‘Krushed Kitty’ Promotion Upsets Humane Society

September 3, 1988

COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) _ Two humane societies are urging consumers to boycott a new stuffed toy called Krushed Kitty.

The yellow-and-black striped toy - a cat’s bottom with hind legs and tail - is designed to be stuck out of car doors, hoods and trunks. A card attached states that ″a portion of the profits are donated to the Humane Society.″

However, Phyllis Wright, a vice president with the Washington D.C.-based Humane Society of The United States, denied any connection to the item and said she doubts ″any legitimate humane society would take one penny from this.″

She and Gerri Bain of the Capital Area Humane Society in Columbus called on consumers not to buy the stuffed toy, which retails for $17.99.

″I think the onus is on the consumer,″ Ms. Wright said. ″Unless the public responds in a negative way and goes to a store and threatens never to buy anything else there because of this item, nothing will get done.″

The attached card does not state how much will be donated, nor whether the money will go to the national Humane Society or to local humane societies, which are privately operated and not affiliated with the national organization.

The Krushed Kritter Kompany of Kalifornia, which lists its address as Tarzana, Calif., could not be reached to comment Friday. No telephone listing was available.

The toy’s packaging said the cat parts are registered in at least five states - Ohio, Maine, Pennsylvania, Florida and Texas.

The packaging urges the purchaser to ″Krush your kitty in your car, work or home 3/8″ and to write to the company to ″tell us your favorite place to krush your kitty. And vote for who or what you would like to see KRUSHED next.″

″This will do for kittens what ‘Jaws’ did for sharks,″ Bain said. ″This is not only disgusting and irreverent, but it is misleading.″

″I think the best way to stop this disgusting product is for consumers to just not buy them. Let them (the manufacturer) eat their Krushed Kitties,″ she said.

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