President’s First Duty Is To Keep Americans Safe

April 2, 2019

Editor: Your editorial, “It’s a Trump Emergency” (Feb. 17), really doesn’t matter or even make sense. You say it’s a bogus emergency. I’ll take the words of Kirstjen Nielsen, our head of homeland security, and the men and women of the border patrol. I think they know more about what is needed than you or I. Make no mistake about it, the first duty of any president is to keep Americans safe. The objective of the wall is to make it hard for would-be criminals to enter our country. No one believes it will be 100 percent successful, but that doesn’t mean it won’t help. Isn’t that your position about a background check for all gun sales?. President Trumps loves this country. What did he do when he came back from Vietnam on stage? He hugged the American flag. He was so happy to be back in America where we’re free, but we won’t be if the left socialists are allowed to take over. You put John Cole’s positively disgusting cartoon of our president hugging the sound of his own voice over the love of our flag. Shame on you, you’re going too far to the left for me. Thanks be to God, Fox News and president Trump. Just remember they are the majority. Barbara Morris LARKSVILLE