JERUSALEM (AP) _ A pipe bomb that police suspect was planted by Islamic militant groups opposed to the Israeli-Palestinian peace process exploded Sunday in the coastal town of Netanya, injuring fourteen people.

Twelve people were slightly hurt and two suffered moderate injuries in the blast, police spokeswoman Linda Menuhin said. There were apparently no fatalities.

The pipe bomb went off next to a trash can outside a large bank in downtown Netanya, said David Sadeh, police commander for Israel's central region. Nissim Bezalel, a taxi driver who was driving by when the bomb exploded, told Israel Radio he saw one man thrown into the air by the blast.

Sadeh said a second pipe bomb was found nearby but was defused by police sappers.

The explosion came a day after Israeli radio stations reported that the militant Islamic Hamas movement had issued a leaflet threatening attacks against Israeli citizens.

Last week, Israel, the Palestinians and the United States launched final status peace talks. Militant Islamic groups are opposed to the peace talks and have sworn to sabotage them.

Netanya is known as a hub of organized crime in the country, and pipe bombs have been used in the past to settle scores.