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Gunman Wounds Two On Bus, Then Leaps Out And Is Killed

October 20, 1996

BUTTE LA ROSE, La. (AP) _ A passenger fired several shots on a Greyhound bus Sunday, wounding two people, then jumped off the bus and was killed when he hit a guard rail.

The wounded passengers were not seriously hurt, said St. Martin Parish Sheriff’s Capt. Audrey Thibodeaux. ``He wasn’t shooting at anyone in particular, just shooting,″ she said.

Other passengers told investigators the man had been drinking alcohol on the bus from Houston to New Orleans, Thibodeaux said.

``He said someone was going through his bags and wanted the driver to stop,″ said Jay Gladden, 30, of Columbus, Ga. ``He reached in his pants, pulls out a .357 and starts brandishing his gun.″

The bus driver began slowing down and opened the door, Gladden said, and the gunman ``fires off six shots, hits one guy in the hand and shoulder, runs out of ammo and jumps off the bus and hit the cement guard rail.″

The gunman was identified as Jose Roberto Moza, 46, of Pasco, Wash.

Documents found on Moza gave an address but no one there knew him and investigators were soliciting any information about him, Thibodeaux said.

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