WASHINGTON (AP) _ Students competing in the annual National Geographic Bee faced a variety of challenging questions. A sample provided by the National Geographic Society:

1. Which state capital is closer to the Pacific Ocean, Boise or Lincoln?

2. Venus de Milo, the famous statue of the goddess of love, is named after an island in the Aegean Sea. This island is part of which country?

3. Which South American capital city is located on the slopes of the Pichincha volcano?

4. Only one country in Central America has its capital city on the coast rather than the interior. Name that country?

5. According to plate tectonics, one tectonic plate sometimes slides or dives beneath a converging tectonic plate. What is the term for this process?

6. Walachia, Moldavia and Transylvania are regions in which country?

7. Name the river that is the principal source of fresh water for the Sea of Galilee.

8. What term is used for crescent-shaped sand dunes with ends that point downwind?

9. Name the Canadian city on the Detroit River that is a major port of entry from the United States?

10. Name the only country in Southeast Asia that was not colonized by a European power.


Answers: 1. Boise; 2. Greece; 3. Quito; 4. Panama. 5. Subduction. 6. Romania. 7. Jordan River. 8. Barchans. 9. Windsor. 10. Thailand.