Support for Larsen

February 6, 2019

Editor, Daily Times:

Change is hard. I get it. But you have to ask yourself, “Is my community better off today than it was yesterday? Am I better off today than I was six years ago?” Based on virtually every benchmark the answer is “No, Watertown is not better off.” Watertown is in a rut. Our infrastructure needs attention. Our once vibrant downtown is floundering. Our schools need help. The city’s languishing as it struggles to engage the public. We are a divided community. Simply waffling between mayors does not encourage change -- it’s the definition of redundancy and stunted growth. “Ready on day one” means nothing if all we’re going to experience is Groundhog Day with the same tired politicking and a revolving door of ideas. I urge you to break the cycle of seesawing between regimes, which is what is going to happen if we don’t bring different voices to the conversation. I urge you to consider getting our youngest voters to the polls; they are the ones who will be most affected by the stagnation of our community caused by unchanging leadership. That’s why I encourage you to vote for positive change.

Kurt Larsen is an active member of our community who has not only served it by being a participant in its school district and government, but by volunteering his time for worthy causes. He has also served our country as a soldier.

Kurt Larsen is a giving person who has compassion and empathy for everyone. He genuinely cares about Watertown and its residents.

Kurt Larsen is a person who understands that compromises are not a sign of weakness, but rather a sign of intellect and maturity. He sees value in bringing people together which is a breath of fresh air in this divided time.

Peter Watts


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