Career Expo lets Aiken job seekers meet, talk with potential employers

February 13, 2019

New city. New career.

Ciera Clingerman moved to Aiken from Charleston on Jan. 1 and is looking for a job. Tuesday afternoon, she got a little closer, attending the third Aiken Standard Career Expo at Newberry Hall.

The expo gave people looking for work an opportunity to talk directly with representatives from 25 companies, businesses and services offering jobs in industry, manufacturing, medical and clerical. Aiken Staffing Associates has been the expo’s title sponsor three straight years.

Clingerman graduated from the College of Charleston with a major in communications and a minor in hospitality and tourism. She’s looking to start a career in event planning or community planning.

“I’ve always loved being able to talk face-to-face with people in the community. That’s exactly what I want to do,” she said.

But she added that’s she’s looking for more than just a job. She wants to become a contributing member of the community.

“I also want to help the community any way I can,” she said. “I want to help wherever I’m working, living and playing.”

Clingerman followed her parents, Manny and Nikki Clingerman, who retired from the U.S. Marines and settled in Aiken.

Clingerman said she likes the potential and growth she sees in Aiken.

“When people ask how I’m liking Aiken, I tell them it’s as though someone has done an amazing outline of a beautiful picture and now they just need people to paint and color it in,” she said. “I have a very creative, entrepreneurial view to things, and I think it’s a great spot to start creating and expanding,.”

Jon Brotherton from Aiken worked six years with the MOX project at the Savannah River Site before the federal government shut it down last year. With government, commercial and overseas experience, he said he’s looking for something similar in the nuclear industry

“It’s nice to to see what employment opportunities are open in the Aiken-Augusta area and talk with employers in person and put a name with a face versus just a resume,” he said.

Diane Daniell, a sales and special project manager with the Aiken Standard, said a steady flow of job seekers had come through the expo by mid-afternoon.

“This is the largest one we’ve had so far,” she said.

Daniell said the expo lets people know what jobs are available.

“Companies have openings,” she said. “We’ve got staffing companies here, and they’re saying they’ve got plenty of jobs to fill.”

Melissa Walker, the operations manager for Aiken Staffing Associates, agreed.

“We love coming out and seeing our community and letting people know there are tons of opportunities available,” she said. “There are plenty of jobs. We just need for people to come out and see us so we can help them get to work to help them and their families and their communities.”

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