ST. LOUIS (AP) _ A St. Louis Zoo train carrying children among its 10 passengers went out of control and jumped the tracks, killing the engineer.

Witnesses said some passengers jumped off the train Friday when it was about to crash. One passenger suffered cuts and bruises.

The engineer, 67-year-old John Forsythe, was thrown from the train. A two-year employee, he was a locomotive engineer for a conventional railroad for 41 years.

The red miniature train, with partly open sides, bench seats and five cars, normally travels at 3 mph to 5 mph as it takes passengers around the zoo. Witnesses said the train raced through a station where it was supposed to stop. The engine overturned, and the other cars also left the tracks.

Some said they heard the engineer yelling that he could not stop.

Investigators are trying to determine if the brakes failed. The train has a main set of brakes and a backup, said Bill Boever, assistant zoo director.

Boever said he did not know how fast it was going when it derailed.