Developments related to the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks:

_ The Pentagon announced Monday that about 500 U.S. Marines have taken an airstrip in southern Afghanistan, within striking distance of Kandahar. The Marines went into combat for the first time late Monday, sending helicopter gunships to attack armored vehicles near their new base.

_ Stomping on the faces of captured Taliban and shooting others as they lay wounded, opposition forces rampaged through Kunduz on Monday, staking claim to the Taliban's last northern stronghold. Gawking crowds ringed Taliban fighters dying in the streets.

_ Hundreds of anti-Taliban fighters in Mazar-e-Sharif _ and some U.S. soldiers _ rushed into a mud-walled fortress Monday where dozens of captives loyal to Osama bin Laden were said to be fighting to the death.

_ Pashtun tribal leaders were said to be negotiating with the Taliban on Monday to hand over positions near the Pakistan border after U.S. Marines landed in southern Afghanistan.

_ The FBI has warned energy companies that Osama bin Laden may have approved plans to attack North American natural gas pipelines and facilities if he's captured or killed, a warning that prompted a tightening of security.

_ President Bush said Monday the U.S.-led war in Afghanistan is ``just the beginning'' of the fight against terrorism, and he warned Iraq and North Korea there would be consequences for producing weapons of mass destruction.

_ Attorney General John Ashcroft said Monday he won't name all those detained in the terrorism investigation because he doesn't want to create a ``public blacklist'' that would violate their privacy or aid bin Laden.

_ Spain's police chief said on Monday that two key suspects in Spanish custody met in Madrid shortly before Sept. 11 and knew that the World Trade Center and the Pentagon were targets.