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Peace Marchers Cross into Nevada on 39th Day of Cross-Country Trek

April 8, 1986

STATELINE, Nev. (AP) _ The 250 participants in the Great Peace March for Nuclear Disarmament crossed their first state border Tuesday, jumping over the California-Nevada line on the 39th day of their delayed coast-to-coast trek.

The marchers lined up at the border, held hands, then jumped together over a line drawn in the desert sand at 7 a.m., said spokesman Ben Zeman.

They planned to spend the night camped near Pop’s Oasis, a desert tavern in Jean. On Thursday, they expected to camp at Sunset Park outside Las Vegas, Zeman said.

At 8:15 a.m. Monday, the marchers gathered in a circle around a flame kindled from the Hiroshima flame and carried by the group since the financially troubled walk began March 1 in Los Angeles.

″They meditated at that moment because that was the time the Nevada nuclear test was scheduled to go off,″ Zemansaid. ″They sent energy to stop the test and it didn’t go off today.″

The scheduled nuclear weapons test at the vast Nevada Test Site, 60 miles northwest of Las Vegas, was delayed, an Energy Department official said.

About 1,200 people began the 3,200-mile trek to Washington, D.C., but they were soon stuck in the Mojave Desert for lack of money, and all but a few hundred quit before infusions of cash and equipment got them started again.

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