Ganim, Lamont in final feisty roadshow

August 7, 2018

The Ned Lamont and Joe Ganim roadshow held an hour-long greatest hits event on Tuesday afternoon, with a feisty, televised confrontation in which the Bridgeport mayor portrayed himself as a can-do public official while the Greenwich businessman said he’s the outsider the state needs to turn itself around.

In his last public shots at Lamont before next Tuesday’s Democratic primary for governor, Ganim again tried to position the party-endorsed candidate as an out-of-touch millionaire who doesn’t know the needs of the cities. Lamont said Ganim’s “culture of corruption” derailed the economic development of the state’s biggest city.

Lamont noted that since Ganim’s return to the mayor’s office after a seven-year prison term for public corruption, local taxes have risen nearly 30 percent.

After Lamont admitted that he would not support Ganim in the fall election if he somehow wins the primary last week, Ganim called him a Trump-like scourge.

“It’s easy from the outsider to say what you’re going to do,” Ganim said during the head-to-head debate before a panel of reporters at WFSB Channel 3 studios in Rocky Hill. Lamont noted that Ganim initially was in favor of a $10-million study of electronic tolling in Connecticut, then opposed it for political reasons.

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