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Mugging of a President, Clinton-Style

October 5, 1992

TOLEDO, Ohio (AP) _ Bill Clinton chided President Bush for not campaigning in Toledo. But maybe the president made a wise decision.

The following memo, from Tim Russo of Clinton’s Ohio campaign, was on the wall Friday at the local Democratic headquarters - that is until officials saw reporters were taking notes.

″Re: The Mugging of the President, Bowling Green, Ohio.

″I want to thank you guys for all you did to make our counter- demonstration in Bowling Green as much fun as it turned out to be. I am encouraged that if Bush ever makes the erroneous decision to come to Toledo, you guys are primed and ready to go.

″Thanks again for all your help. I hope you all had as much fun as I did.″

The memo was dated Sept. 27, the day after Bush campaigned by train through Ohio. In Bowling Green, one protester wore a chicken suit and others shouted ″Liar, liar″ during his appearance.


It was sort of like the Jolly Pale Giant meets the Munchkins in the Enchanted Forest.

After posing for pictures at a day care center in Delafield, Wis., Bill Clinton was ready to leave when 5-year-old Adam Rittel piped up: ″We’ve got a fort in the woods, wanna see it?″

Off they went, the kids, the candidate, the Secret Service and the press, stumble-bumble, squealing, slipping and giggling, across the parking lot, up the hill and into the woods. Until they came upon the stick fortress.

″What a great fort in the woods. ... Gosh this is exciting,″ said the Democratic nominee, looking at the pile guarding a small clearing.

″Yep,″ a child agreed.

″You can come up here and hide and no one knows where you are, right,?″ said Clinton, who, at 6 feet, 2 inches, clearly had nowhere to hide.

″We have to tell Mr. Dave down there before we can come up,″ one explained.

″That was my big thrill for the day,″ Clinton said as he headed back to the day care center.


When Clinton campaigned at Drew University in Madison, N.J., the college president wasn’t on hand. But he left a nice note.

″I am convinced that our country faces a choice between two outstanding candidates,″ he said in a letter read at Clinton’s campus rally, ″and right now I am in Newark, meeting with the other one.″

That was hardly surprising. Former New Jersey Gov. Tom Kean is now head man at Drew. He’s a Republican working for the re-election of President Bush.

Both major nominees made campaign swings to New Jersey last Wednesday.


What if you gave a rally and the candidate didn’t show up?

Hundreds of North Carolina supporters of Bill Clinton found out on Sunday.

Clinton, traveling by bus from Raleigh to Kinston, was supposed to make an ″impromptu″ stop in Smithfield. Only the bus caravan mistakenly took the bypass instead of driving through town.

The candidate drowned his sorrows in barbecue, at Wilbur’s in Goldsboro. Even that, though, was fraught with danger.

An alert aide stripped from the wall, before television cameras could catch it, an old-timey sign that said: ″Politicians Not Permitted On Premises.″

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