Bigfork grabs 10th consecutive divisional win

January 22, 2019

Bigfork Speech and Debate captured its 10th straight Class B-C divisional win in Malta over the weekend with 93 overall points.

“Despite a down year with numbers, a bunch of sickness that depleted our divisional roster, (five kids unable to travel to divisionals), having to travel all the way to Malta, and other things that made it feel like the universe was conspiring against us, the kids absolutely persevered and brought home our 10th straight divisional championship,” Head Coach Charlie Appleby stated in an email. “I couldn’t be more proud of this group, and I expect that a lot of them will do very well at state.”

The Class B state tournament will be held Friday and Saturday in Three Forks.

Informative Speaking

1. Anya Young

7. Scout Jessop

Memorized Public Address

1. Maya Hartig

5. Madigan Kinslow

6. Brette Guenzler

Dramatic Interpretation

3. Ben Johnson

Impromptu Speaking

2. Ben Keller

4. Jared Erlewine

Original Oratory

3. Liz Hyde

4. Josie Howlett

Lincoln-Douglas Debate

6. Kate Reese 6th

Policy Debate

1. Anton Young and Elyse Pendlay

Extemporaneous Speaking

2. Cole Hider

4. Kristen Hutz

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