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September 28, 2018

WASHINGTON (AP) — Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh faces a crucial vote Friday as a Senate panel decides whether to move his nomination on to the full Senate. The vote comes a day after Kavanaugh adamantly denied sexually assaulting Christine Blasey (BLAH’-zee) Ford. Meanwhile, the American Bar Association has urge the Senate panel to delay a vote on Kavanaugh, and the magazine of the Jesuit religious order in the U.S. withdrew its endorsement of him. The White House was said to be engaging with key senators.

WASHINGTON (AP) — President Donald Trump is urging the Senate on to a full vote on the Supreme Court nomination of Judge Brett Kavanaugh. Trump and his allies were heartened by Kavanaugh’s fierce appearance Thursday before the Senate Judiciary Committee, where Kavanaugh defended himself against a woman’s forceful accusation of sexual misconduct.

BOSTON (AP) — Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh has stated in a Fox News interview and during his testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee that when he drank beer as a high school senior in Maryland, it was legal because he was 18. But Kavanaugh did not turn 18 until February 12, 1983, and the drinking age in Maryland was raised to 21 about 7 months before his 18th birthday.

ROME (AP) — The magazine of the Jesuit order in the United States has publicly withdrawn its endorsement of Brett Kavanaugh as Supreme Court justice following testimony before the Senate by the Jesuit-educated Kavanaugh and the woman accusing him of sexually assaulting her decades ago. America magazine said it has no special insight into whether Kavanaugh or Christine Blasey Ford is telling the truth. But it said nomination is no longer in the interest of the country and “should be withdrawn.”

WELLINGTON, New Zealand (AP) — One passenger on an Air Niugini flight says he thought his plane had “landed hard,” then he “looked over and saw a hole in the side of the plane and water was coming in.” All 47 people survived after a plane crashed Friday morning while trying to land in a Pacific lagoon at the Chuuk Island airport. Passengers and crew waded through waist-deep water to the plane’s emergency exits and escaped on local boats that came to the rescue.

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