Fishing report: Bass, walleye, catfish biting at Lake Arthur

September 3, 2018

• Lake Arthur is being populated by a variety of fish, including walleye, channel catfish and hybrid striped bass. The bass appear to be more active at night, according to reports. For the walleye and channel catfish, the bait of choice is nightcrawlers while the hot spot is reportedly around the roadbeds and railroad ballasts.

• In Venango County, the Allegheny River is offering up a number of different fish including smallmouth bass, channel catfish and northern pike. In order to attract the fish, anglers are utilizing soft plastic baits, spinnerbaits and stickbaits.

• At Justus Lake, fishermen are still doing well with trout. The best approach, according to reports, is to cast out in about 25-40 feet of water as the trout retreat to cooler pockets in the lake due to rising temperatures outside.

• The largemouth bass are biting at Kahle Lake, with anglers having plenty of success throughout the daytime. Soft plastic baits are the bait of choice, though it doesn’t appear any color of soft plastic has stood out as the best approach.

• French Creek is hosting plenty of smallmouth bass and a solid amount of northern pike. Anglers are having success with both types of fish using a number of different soft plastic baits and top water lures.

• Anglers casting out into Upper Clarion River are finding smallmouth bass in the shallow pockets of water downstream from Cooksburg. Around the dawn and dusk hours, walleye are beginning to nibble more and more. Meanwhile, at night, fishermen are doing well with channel catfish.

• Another spot for smallmouth bass is Lower Clarion River, where anglers are picking up a good deal of the fish using flukes, spinnerbaits and top water lures.

• The Allegheny River in Clarion County has smallmouth bass swimming throughout its entire length. At night, fishermen are doing well with channel catfish. Walleye catches are also being reported, though they appear to be centered around the Parker islands.

• Anglers fishing the Ohio River in Allegheny County are reeling in large flathead catfish. They are weighing in at up to 25 pounds and are biting mostly at cutbait. In addition to the catfish, fishermen are doing well with smallmouth bass and bluegill. The bass fishing is going well with minnows and dark soft plastic worms as bait.

• In Warren County, the Allegheny River is yielding smallmouth bass, specifically near Betts Park. Anglers are also doing well with bass around Glade Run. Another hot spot has been the Kinzua Dam tail waters, where fishermen are picking up walleye and white bass.

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