A mom is right to be outraged after finding a dead fetus photo in a box of diapers from KOP Wegmans | Maria Panaritis

August 7, 2018

Annie Weiss, 31, of West Conshohocken, bought a box of diapers from Wegmans in King of Prussia, Pa., and found a graphic anti-abortion card inside. Wegmans told The Inquirer it found about 10 such cards tucked into various products and at least one other shopper had contacted them.

By Staff

It’s a matter of pure luck that Annie Weiss didn’t do what she sometimes does when opening a diaper box the other day: Ask her 4-year-old son to reach in and help unpack the supplies mom had just bought for his 2-year-old sister.

Had the boy done that on Monday with a box of Luvs that Annie had bought from a Wegmans supermarket in King of Prussia, the pre-schooler would have seen a photo of a dead fetus in an open palm.

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