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From Governor On Down, Rhode Island Gears Up For Gloria

September 26, 1985

PROVIDENCE, R.I. (AP) _ Fear of Hurricane Gloria sent Rhode Islanders flocking to supermarkets and hardware stores Thursday. It also put Gini Spaziano off her diet.

With the storm off the North Carolina coast but taking an uncertain northerly course, retail outlets in Providence reported a run on non- perishable foods, staples such as milk and bread, batteries, lanterns, candles, masking tape, kerosene, matches and other essentials.

Paul Gillson, president of Mount Pleasant Hardware of Providence, said the Biltmore Plaza hotel had ″called me to ask for a saw. They wanted it in case of a collapse, so they could get through before rescue teams.

″I guess they were thinking about what happened to buildings in the earthquake in Mexico,″ he said.

Ms. Spaziano of Cranston was busy shopping at Woolworth’s Providence store, where she was loaded down with batteries, a flashlight and candles.

″We’re not panicking, just preparing,″ Ms. Spaziano said. ″We’re going out to lunch to go off our diets. We’ll need the extra fat if the hurricane comes.″

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