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Elizabeth II Visiting Portugal

March 26, 1985

SETUBAL, Portugal (AP) _ Thousands of people cheered Queen Elizabeth II on Tuesday as the British monarch began a four-day visit to Portugal with a stop at this port city.

Among the welcomers was Foreign Minister Jaime Gama. The queen arrived aboard a royally outfitted British Airways jetliner and will join her husband, Prince Philip, aboard the Britannia, the royal yacht.

Residents of Setubal, the country’s third-largest city, 25 miles south of Lisbon, shouted ″Viva a Rainha 3/8″ - long live the queen - as her motorcade made its way to the dock.

Their host, President Antonio Ramalho Eanes, will welcome the royal party outside Lisbon at the 16th century Tower of Belem, where Portuguese explorers set sail on their voyages of discovery in the 1500s.

On the royal itinerary is the Roman temple to Diana, a goddess of the moon, forests and women in childbirth, who shares the name of the queen’s daughter- in-law, Princess Diana.

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